Who We Are

We have a machine, but don’t act like one. No matter the size, supporting projects from script to delivery is our ethos. This humanity-first approach allows us to undertake large-scale, highly technical challenges without foregoing the benefits of a boutique.

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Our Capabilities

Finishing, Color, & Versioning

Fundamental to any project are the basics. But just because they are foundational doesn’t mean they are easy to do repeatedly at high volume. Our process ensures 100’s of spots can be tagged, QC’ed and delivered in a span of hours not weeks.

Design & Motion Graphics

Motion graphics design is a cornerstone to many multi-platform campaigns. Completing these executions under the same digital roof ensures brand continuity and alignment from script to launch.

Tabletop, Product & Packaging

We understand: Your product is your everything. We faithfully replicate nuanced details that only your product designers and us may see, but the audience feels.

Characters, Crowds & CG Humans

Designing memorable mascots, full stadium crowds and digital humans all require a high degree of artistic and technical sophistication. With our motion-capture studio and support for virtual productions, our technology incubation strategy ensures our artists have super powers before the rest of the industry.

Digital Environments

Locations are fundamentally important to stories. Our team can address many issues: anything from slight set adjustments to the creation of fully photoreal digital replacements.


US Cellular: Checkup
Burger King: Rest in Peace
Subway: Footlong Frenzy
US Cellular: Wall
American Greetings: What It Means To Love Everyday
JetBlue: Now Leafing
Progressive: Box | Yearbox
Solar City: Those Who Go Solar
BOSE®: Cyclist
Snapchat: Spectacles 2 Teaser
Today’s Military: Emergency Relief
Escape Artists: Logo Animation

Trusted by Major Brands

As stewards of your brand our focus is on building sustainable, long-term efficiencies together. Sometimes working in a semi-embedded manner, our team can help your team raise the bar on creativity, efficiency and alignment.  

Snapchat Case Study

For 4+ years, the ZERO team has brought cinematic-level creativity to Snapchat and its sub-brand Spectacles.  ZERO stationed a top-level team within walking distance to the brand, concepting stories, building CG characters and creating all imagery to support 3 major product launches.

See some of our work for Snapchat here

Emerging from a somewhat musty basement in 2010, ZERO has grown to support physical offices in Boston and Los Angeles.

We chose the name ZERO as it is our passion: create work that convinces audiences we weren’t involved. Starting from this place allows filmmakers the flexibility to tweak for storytelling effect while always retaining a grounded feel.

Currently our artists, partners and pipeline are fully operational in a securely distributed environment due to COVID-19.

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At ZERO, we encourage a warm and creative atmosphere, organizing family lunches, movie screenings, and a host of other activities that keep people smiling and positive, again to the benefit of our employees and our work product.


We offer three sessions of general internships for college students throughout the year:

Summer Applications
Accepted from
January 1st - March 15th

Fall Applications
Accepted from
June 1st - August 15th

Spring Applications
Accepted from
September 15th - December 1st

For more information about careers or internships, email careers@zerovfx.com.