Validate. Operationalize.

Combining our talented artist team with a technology incubation model empowers us to develop novel technologies under real-world conditions, ensuring products are steeped in user insight from the day they are conceived.

This ethos has resulted in a spin out, ZYNC, which was eventually acquired by Google, Inc. Our current explorations and efforts are focused on advancing real-time virtual production techniques, augmented reality applications and other spatial imaging challenges with broad application outside the VFX industry.

We extend this model beyond internal projects to include like minded, VC-backed external software teams, cutting their time to achieve product-market fit dramatically.

Past & Present


Marking the beginning of cloud workflows for the visual effects industry, the ZYNC platform was designed by us, for us. Now, as part of the Google family, it powers everyone else too.


A revolutionary cloud provider, Helio provides compute everwhere, for everyone. Together our goal is to democratize access to a worldwide footprint of spare compute cycles, substantially reducing costs and creating win-wins.

Machine learning holds the potential to provide revolutionary solutions for the VFX industry and beyond. The challenge lies in the handoff from ML to artist. No better model exists than an integrated development process like we've built between Comixify's gifted team of computer-vision engineers and ZERO's team of senior advisors and artists. Theory meets practice.

Stealth Mode

Our internal efforts focus on the challenges we face daily: communication, image processing and spatial computing, all of which have broad applications beyond our industry.