Tabletop + Product

Tabletop + Product

We understand: Your product is your everything. We faithfully replicate nuanced details that only your product designers and us may see, but the audience feels.

Leveraging decades of experience managing on-set VFX for large productions, we provide the following standalone data services:

- LIDAR scanning
- Detailed photogrammetry
- VFX plate photography
- Volumetric capture (in development)

Our team (bootstrappers of ZYNC / acquired by Google) carries a deep understanding of image-processing technologies and utilizes proprietary tools to deliver high quality, production-ready:

- Meshed geometries
- Re-topologized & render-able photoreal CG assets
- Virtual Production / Volume-ready Unreal scene files
- Assets for Virtual Art Departments
- Volumetric / 4d assets

Recently, we’ve been at work incorporating volumetrics into our acquisition and VFX pipeline with some encouraging results.