General Cleanup + Finishing

General Cleanup + Finishing

Fundamental to any project are the basics. But just because they are foundational doesn’t mean they are easy to do repeatedly at high volume. Our process ensures hundreds of spots can be tagged, QC’ed and delivered in a span of hours not weeks.

Leveraging decades of experience managing on-set VFX for large productions, we provide the following standalone data services:

- LIDAR scanning
- Detailed photogrammetry
- VFX plate photography
- Volumetric capture (in development)

Our team (bootstrappers of ZYNC / acquired by Google) carries a deep understanding of image-processing technologies and utilizes proprietary tools to deliver high quality, production-ready:

- Meshed geometries
- Re-topologized & render-able photoreal CG assets
- Virtual Production / Volume-ready Unreal scene files
- Assets for Virtual Art Departments
- Volumetric / 4d assets

Recently, we’ve been at work incorporating volumetrics into our acquisition and VFX pipeline with some encouraging results.