A Look Inside Motion Graphics

From the retro cool of Saul Bass’s 50s title sequences to today’s vibrant visuals powered by the latest in technology, audiences love watching stories brought to life by dynamic, eye-catching visuals.

Brands are finding audiences ever more difficult to engage with. A compelling animation and motion graphics execution corrals limited attention spans - and this is what ZERO strives to capture while delivering a brand’s story.

Along with participation on feature films such as Magnificent Seven and Ghostbusters, Creative Directors and Co-Founders, Sean Devereaux and Brian Drewes apply their experience to commercial projects for clients such as Snapchat, Solar City, Under Armour, and Vaseline. Says Devereaux, “The fun is finding visual ways to express how a client’s product or message is fresh or interesting to the viewer. We love finding compelling ways to approach a client’s brief - we take that very seriously.”

Take the logo redesign ZERO did for film production company Escape Artists, which recently won a Summit Award. The team needed to represent the newly designed logo in such a way that balanced visual interest with relevance to the company’s ethos. “We developed ideas based on the logo’s pre-existing maze concept to create an entire universe that serves to introduce the revamped logo,” says Drewes. The result was a world of glistening crystal, through which a shadowy figure runs, before diving into the center of the maze. The camera then pulls out to reveal it as the iris of the eye logo.

This kind of symbiotic thinking extends to the world of commercials: “For Bose”, Drewes explains, “we were tasked with creating an entirely CG spot that captured the transformative quality of their latest line of speakers. The Bose team wanted their listeners to be transported, so we built a world inside of their speakers. Our visuals were able to bring that concept behind Bose to life.”

“We closely collaborate with the clients on each of these projects, looking to tell those stories through the visuals,” says Deveraux. “It’s great to be involved in the process, working with the clients to evolve the idea, and use the latest in technology, driven in large part by our feature film technologists, to arrive at a satisfying end result.”

And the most satisfying part? For Devereaux and Drewes, “When it all comes together!”. “When motion graphics are telling you something about the product without even looking at the text, you know you’ve done your job. It’s all about taking an idea and elevating it, selling the product instantly, seamlessly, and beautifully.”