Screening room

We've grown a lot over the past year, expanding from our studio in Boston to a new location in Venice, Los Angeles.

In addition we added to the footprint of the Boston office to now include multiple floors at about 12,000sqft total. Finally, this allows us to dedicate space to the heartbeat of our production process: the dailies screening room. The custom-built Stewart screen, 4k color calibrated projector and movie theatre seating makes a perfect venue for this vital piece of the ZERO pipeline.

This space, and the dailies session itself, gives the entire project team unadulterated and dedicated time to discuss and critique their work as a group. Our LA office has matching hardware, allowing for color perfect and real-time discussion when working bi-coastally. This ensures we don’t miss a beat and that all commercials and feature shots are flawless.

This luxurious new screening room was designed by Sean Jennings, art director on The Magnificent Seven at ZERO. Read how he went about creating it below:

"While working on The Magnificent Seven at ZERO I was asked to help design and oversee the build of the new screening room. Knowing that ZERO will continue to grow, a design that provided adequate space was essential, but it also had to embrace the size of the available room. I enjoy a good challenge, so finding a way to make it work as a screening room without it feeling packed or awkward was a fun task!

“My aim was to give the ZERO team a screening room that will aid in the production of even more amazing work in the years to come, and I think we've definitely achieved that."

Get in touch to see the screening room for yourself! Email and we’ll get the popcorn ready!